Aural Wiz

Improve your aural skills with Aural Wiz. Learn to identify intervals, scales, chords and cadences with Aural Wiz. Whether you are a music student preparing for aural tests as part of your formal musical training or a musician just working towards improving your aural skills, Aural Wiz would be an indispensable companion for you.

You can use Aural Wiz in two modes - Learn and Practice.

Learn Mode

You can play back any interval, scale, chord or a cadence to understand how it sounds. Intervals and chords are played both harmonically and melodically.

Practice Mode

A melodic or harmonic pattern will be played and you'll be asked to identify the interval, scale, chord or cadence. Practicing this way has been a proven way to improve your aural skills.

Aural Wiz shows you a detailed stats of your progress, showing your weak areas that you can prioritise for practicing. Make Aural Wiz part of your daily aural improvisation routine.


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