Maze-A-Maze is an amazing labyrinth game featuring realistic physics and fun gameplay. A beautiful casual labyrinth game with challenging time-limited mazes, needing you to collect stars and complete each maze in the shortest time to gain a higher score! Use the accelerometer tilt based controls or touch-based joystick to control the the ball in the maze. The difficulty levels increases as you progress in the game.



Save My Pixel

Save My Pixel is a simple but extremely addictive 1-button game where your objective is to bounce and dodge the bit smashers (obstacles) and survive as long as you can. Each time you bounce and avoid the obstacles (by tapping anywhere on the screen), you score a point.



Hyper Ball

Hyper ball is a simple but addictive game where you control the ball to keep it inside the boundary and unlock achievements as you progress. Use the tilt controls or just tap on the bottom left/right of the screen to move the ball to left or right.

*Hyper Ball is currently not available on the App Store or Google Play.


If you are a musician or are training to be a musician, Music Tutor and Aural Wiz are  great music games. Please check out the Music Learning Apps section.

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